Saturday, January 17

Picture it, but also with purple hair

Just a matter of tick tocks until my birthday, friends, and I'm good with that. You know what occurred to me tonight? I always, always, always stay up until midnight the day before my birthday. I can't think of a single birthday where I haven't stayed up to meet the beginning moments of the big day. Tonight is no different, and I've only got 16 minutes to wait.
For the first day of a birthday weekend, today was a productive one. I had projects that needed to be finished, and they were. I painted the lamp base in the guest room, and stenciled a design in a matching yellow on the shade. I can't wait to see it during the daylight, because I think it'll be super awesome.
Also, we went to Ikea and picked up the wonderful, new curio cabinet for all my Disney collectibles. I haven't put it together yet, but I will in the next couple days, and I'm really excited to do so.
But tomorrow is tomorrow, when I turn the next year older, and it is ... another day.
[Editor's note: This picture is my aspiration for myself in 40 years.]

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