Wednesday, January 21

Love them, love them hard

I have a love/hate relationship with cinnamon candies. I love them. Honestly, I do.
But for some candies, they do not love me. Those delicious cinnamon bears? If I eat more than two or three, I get a headache. The gummy cinnamon bears? The last bag of them I bought was too cinnamon-y, if you can believe it. The little hard cinnamon hearts for Valentine's Day? They are the best ever, but they are missing.
Granted, I've only been to the one store to find them, but Target is not usually a place where you don't find the candy that you're looking for. I've cruised through the holiday candy aisle a few times over the last couple weeks, and have come home empty handed. The grocery store is on my list for tomorrow, and atop the grocery list is ... well, milk. And bread. And breakfast foods. But also on that list are cinnamon candy hearts.
And I mean the smaller, hard cinnamon hearts, not the chewy ones that are on the candy aisle in Target, that may just end up getting bought anyway, because I have a sickness, and it can only be cured with cinnamon candies.

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