Thursday, January 15

Creativity makes the house a home

I kinda produced a check on another EXPECTATION today, and I did it all with the pieces that I had in my house. I was able to trade one floor lamp in the living room with another, and moved a table lamp from upstairs to downstairs. So, there are still two awesome light sources in my living room, both are in good working order, and both are pleasing to my eye. As a boon, this perfection didn't cost me anything. I enjoy it immensely when I can creatively solve one of my random house issues. So, I'm going to call it, sorta. 1/5 of EXPECTATION #6: CHECK.
I visited Ikea this morning, only to discover the the curio cabinet I'm getting for my birthday is super heavy. I had hoped to to pick up the cabinet this morning and have it all put together and filled up tonight, but that was not to be. I don't like admitting that I need my big, strong husband for too many things, but with the curio, I had to admit defeat. So, it becomes part of Saturday's agenda.
My day revolved around lamps and my lack of burly strength. Not bad for a Thursday, actually. Especially if it's helping with the year's EXPECTATIONs.

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