Sunday, January 18

I'm a princess on my birthday

I really enjoy my birthday.
I've always loved being the center of attention, and birthdays offer me a yearly appointment for that to happen, so ... all good. I'm a princess, and it's my birthday, so everyone be nice to me!
I got phone calls; a ton of texts; and so very many Facebook messages. All excellent, wonderful things to make my day a great one. Brian and Sydney had a birthday bedside mocha and a handmade birthday card with kinda poetry in it for me, respectively, which made waking up a special treat. I got to name the time and place for most everything. Sydney had a friend's birthday party to attend at lunchtime, so I had a grown-up lunch with Brian for my day. And then, my football team won.
Birthdays are wonderful things. I'm super okay with 42.
Weirdness for the day: Mom in California, and I in Arizona, both slept horribly last night. Neither one of us had much deep sleep, and suffered for it. My theory is that, for whatever reason, our subconsciouses decided to give us the sleepless night we had 42 years ago, all over again, just so we'd have something else to mark the day. Sounds good, yeah? Any other explanation is silly.

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