Friday, January 9

I am beset by random injuries

Middle finger's knuckle on left hand. I was putting the weather tarp over Brian and Sydney's bikes yesterday, where they are propped up next to the wall. I was messing around with the tarp, and went to move it around a bit better when I scraped the back of my knuckle on the wall. The injury itself is a small one. Merely a scrape the size of a pencil eraser, but it bled, of course. The scab is having a hard time developing because I wash my hands a lot, and the toweling dry keeps making it hurt again. Treatment will be Neosporin and a bandage while I'm sleeping tonight, and hopefully it'll scab up by morning.
Tip of index finger on right hand. I was putting away stuff in the garage yesterday when I broke and split the fingernail on my index finger. The nail split down the middle to the tip of my finger, and broke the cuticle. I trimmed the nail down to the quick to keep it from snagging, but the tip of my finger is super sensitive, and it hurts to do the most basic and silly things. Typing, at this very moment, is an exercise in dealing with the pain. No joke, this is bugging me so very much.
Heel of left foot. It feels like I've got a blister growing on my left heel, but there's no physical evidence of it. I put on my Toms, and the heel smarts, for no real reason at all.
Bottom lip. I've been slathering on my Burt's Bees lip balm all winter, but the dryness still has beat me. There is a very thin and irritating split in my lip that is trying its very best to open up farther. Dry lips are the devil. I fight them with every ounce of my being, but they win.
Neck crick. Well, this one just hurts because I started and worked on my new puzzle for a couple hours today, and I did it without glasses, and the back of my neck feels all old-person and stiff. I need someone to rub my shoulders. This will be a recurring injury for the next few days, so there's that.

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