Tuesday, January 27

Heart-shaped glasses look super cool

ITEM:! We have achieved sanity, and now know that it was indeed the glasses that were giving me the headaches. Apparently, I have a mild astigmatism that got mildly worse, and the new prescription accounts for that. This extra oomph on the glasses though, is what is giving me the pain in the head. By my expert analysis, and description of telling the guy that I have to concentrate to make the letters stop moving, they were able to pinpoint the issue quickly. I got another visit with the doctor, and she rewrote the prescription without the extra astigmatism issue. My glasses are gone again, and I should get them back in the next week or so.
ITEM:! I've started reading a book from my To-Be-Read List. Of all things, this should not be cause for celebration, but I feel like it is, because it's been so long since I've read anything book-ish. I've started spending Sydney's 30-minute free-reading sessions with her, and this means I actually had to dig into a book. No better reason to start a new book than to show my kid how awesome it can be to read something fun!
ITEM:! I also started my calorie counter app again. We'll see how long that lasts.

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