Sunday, January 11

Get away from me kid; you're bothering me

Attention! Attention!
Awards season has begun!
Tonight's Golden Globe award ceremony was lovely and fantastic. Seriously, I think Tina Fey and Amy Poehler should host every year, and Ricky Gervais should present at least three awards every year. I think that's a pretty fair compromise.
You know what's not fair? That my kid still doesn't understand that one does not disturb me when I'm watching an award show. I am into the fun, fanfare and freakishness of these shows, and I don't like my attention being dragged away from them. To have a kid who had spent the last three hours upstairs not having any interest or time for me while she was playing with a litany of things, suddenly decide halfway through the show that she must have my undivided attention was frustrating. I thought that I had taught her better than that, and frankly, I disappointed myself as a parent in that moment. Strike that, in those several, long moments, because she refused to leave me alone and let me watch the show unhindered because "I've missed seeing you for this long while." (Her memory is short and annoying here; we spent all morning at the zoo, had lunch, took down Christmas lights, and she ignored me all afternoon.)
And then, this: "So, are you going to watch this whole thing tonight?"
Child, I've been watching and obsessing over award shows since WELL before you were born. Don't think for a second that that's stopping now. I will not be distracted. I love you, but figure out your own entertainment.

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