Monday, January 12

But I'll need new glasses to read it

Remind me to pay more attention to the girl at the eye doctor's when she says, "Do you want to send these out, or you can keep them and we'll adjust the lenses to the frames when they arrive?" I misunderstood this question, and told the girl to go ahead and send the current frames to the lab for the lenses.
This misunderstanding has become a true and real pain in my eyes, as doing so much work on the computer without any glasses today has fried my head and burned my brain. Add the time spent on the phone, and it's just a horrible blind life I've got going on right now. The only way I'm getting through this blog post is by intentionally not looking at the screen. I'm just watching my fingers as they fly across the keyboard. Only little red squiggly lines under text are enough to grab my attention to what's happening up there.
I spent a whole lot of time reformatting and fixing, and adding and cleaning up, and preparing and readying, my book today. I had hoped to get it up online tonight, but I'll be waiting until tomorrow. I've got stuff to fill out and decisions to make, and I need a clear head to do it.
The book, so you know, is a collection of blog posts from It's all about..., with some brand new and fictional stuff, as well as the inclusion of the Baby G Grows blog. Having told you that, and since now the blog is becoming a paid-for commodity, I will have to take it off the public Blogger domain. When it's private, is there a specific bookmark I send out to my regular readers? I'll find that out, of course, before I make it private. Things are happening, my friends. I'm self-publishing a book, and it'll be the first in a series.
UPDATE: Hmmmm. The private blog setting means I need to invite everyone I want to read the blog individually, and then they have to set up a Google account to log in to read it. This is problematic to me, since I don't want it to be that complex for you all to read it. I wonder if there is a way to keep the blog public but make it indistinguishable from the book. Changing my name comes to mind, but then a search of a blog post title may create the problem I'm trying to solve. Damn. Time to put my thinking cap on.

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