Thursday, December 18

Seriously, I just cried over him

Alright, so I've now pulled myself together enough to write a bit. I just finished sobbing over the finale, the end, the finish, of The Colbert Report.
Honestly, I love this show. I've been a fan and watched it ever since the first episode aired. It is one of the few absolute delights on my television roster. I'm going to miss it like crazy.
And while I will miss the character and angle and brilliance of the Report, I am eager to see what Colbert does with his new seat behind The Late Show desk. He'll do phenomenally with guests; his monologues (if he has them) will be excellent; and his creativity will keep us intrigued. I'm sure of it. It's so fun to look forward to what he'll do in his next incarnation.
Letterman's retirement date is in May. Will they take the summer before starting the show with Colbert? I hope not. I'd rather not wait until September before seeing Colbert again, you know? I want him back on television now ... like yesterday's now.
Or I'll start crying again.

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