Sunday, December 28

Roses and a plethora of oranges

I cut back my rose bushes in the backyard this afternoon. They were quite overgrown and unruly, and it's that time of year, you know. I managed to only get poked by thorns seven times, and didn't get any scrapes at all. My gardenias are doing well, as are my rosemary bushes. The orange tree has ripened with maybe 70 oranges, and we've been harvesting regularly over the last couple weeks. The rest are ready to be picked soon, perhaps tomorrow. And with that, the backyard is looking really well. It's just a matter of making sure everyone lives through the winter.
I looked into making marmalade with my ridiculous amount of oranges, but every recipe I came across requires no less than 15 mason jars, and a boatload of sugar. I'll pass on that, but it sure would be nice to figure out something to do with those oranges. I'll take a bag down to Lisa next weekend, for sure. All I can think of right now is juicing the oranges. Because that at least will go down well with the Pinnacle whipped in my freezer.

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