Friday, December 19

Peppermint brownies? Is there such a thing?

School is over for 2014, and I've got no Kimmie Time until the first week of January. It's so weird how motherhood makes one both thoroughly enjoy time with their baby, but then also dread it. While I miss her terribly when she's at school, I also can't think of anything more liberating than dropping her at school for the day. So these next two weeks will be both amazing, and irritating.
She gets to spend some time doing some Christmas-y stuff though, like the grocery shopping for the baking, making dough for cookies, helping me wrap some gifts, and doing some shopping for Brian. After that, Mom gets here, and all the Christmas festivities begin in earnest.
This week we'll be baking sugar cookies, fudge, and pumpkin spice cake. What else? I have no idea. I can't decide if we need to try something different. I'll have to flip through my seasonal magazines again, and I've got a holiday baking guide downstairs I should spend some time with. I enjoy baking, you know. It's one of my favorite things.

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