Sunday, December 7

Key lime salt water taffy is delicious

I've had a horrible headache all afternoon, and I'm trying to figure out what gross thing I ate today caused it. Well, my day started with my breakfast shake. It was not that. Then, we all went to the art festival, and proceeded to nosh on basically everything. Kettle corn for Sydney that Brian and I had to test several times to be sure it was safe, and continued to be safe, enough for her to eat. Organic cotton candy in chocolate and strawberry flavors (I only had a bite of each flavor to taste). Key lime salt water taffy, because there's a new candy shop on Mill that carries the Taffy Town taffy. A chocolate chip cookie and strawberry ice cream ice cream sandwich. Hot dogs from Weinerschnitzel.
My day was a gastrointestinal delight, kinda, but it left my head aching throughout the afternoon, and even tonight. I contend that I didn't drink enough water. Plausible, but I've had a couple big bottles of water since we got home. Perhaps the hot dogs, but hot dogs have never given me headaches before. It was probably the ridiculous freight train of sugar I consumed over the course of two hours this morning.
I feel like the best way to finally rid myself of this sugar hangover is to sleep it off.

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