Tuesday, December 2

It was still very delicious

It's a super, fantastic thing for me when I find cash in the dryer. Obviously, it means that Brian has forgotten some of his coffee money in his scrubs, but even more than that, it means I've won. I won money for doing laundry.
Last night, a five dollar bill jumped out of the dryer to my feet, and demanded to therefore land in my purse. I was super pleased with this, because it meant that Brian's loss would be my gain, and he would pay for my Starbucks today when I put up the Christmas decorations. (There is always a peppermint mocha consumed on decorating day.) I practically skipped into Starbucks this morning. I ordered my venti peppermint mocha, and happily pulled my five out of my wallet.
Of course, I had no change with me. Only two or three pennies. So, imagine my disgust with having to pull out the debit card to buy my coffee. With a sigh of disappointment, I put the money back in my wallet.
I mean, really, I was supposed to buy my coffee with ill-gotten gains, not my own debit card.

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