Tuesday, December 30

I'm available for consults

I do enjoy it when I've done something particularly brilliant and useful during the day.
Today's greatness comes courtesy of my sliding glass door downstairs, and the doggie door that prevents us from locking it. Leaving the door unlocked goes against every fiber of my being, and I admit to it making it very difficult for me to go to bed sometimes. But removing the doggie door is not an option. Several other locks have been employed, but they're never quick and easy, like a normal door lock. It's time for a new idea.
Mom gave me a broom handle that she didn't need anymore a few weeks ago. Today, I took it to Lowe's, where the very helpful young man cut it for me to the length of the door's track. I fashioned a loop of kite string around the end of the stick, and stapled it so the string wouldn't come undone. The other end of the string got tied into another loop, and it was hooked onto a hook I screwed into the wall next to the door. The string gives us a handy way to pick up the stick when it's in the door track. It's also long enough so it can go around and through the vertical blinds, so really, there's no worry about too much tangling. You see? Brilliant. And practical. And clever. You can say it.
And it only took me 10 months to figure the damn thing out. Actually, it only took me an hour, but the getting of the stick, the cutting of the stick, and the motivation took more time than that ... for some reason. Anyway, I will sleep better tonight knowing that my slider is locked and unbreachable.

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