Monday, December 29

I need to travel more, for the mugs

ITEM!: My collection of You Are Here mugs from Starbucks consists of three locations: Houston, Las Vegas, and California. You know what I don't have? I don't have a Boston mug. That's a problem for me, and my OCD. I need Boston, because I lived there. Not that I lived in Las Vegas, but I love that town, and I love Boston, and I lived in Boston, so I need that mug. I'm going to reach out to my Boston peeps to see who can hook me up. I honestly can't believe that I didn't get a mug from Michigan in October. I'm on a mission now.
ITEM!: So, of course, on this third to last day of the year, we would have to make an investment in my car to keep it healthy. When I started the car on Friday night in Tucson, the Check Engine light illuminated. Not a good thing when you're 100 miles away from home, but we drove home with it anyway. I was stressed, to put it mildly. But as long as the light's not blinking, you're still okay to drive the car.
Today, we had an appointment to check it out, and of course, the light isn't on just to be on. I had a faulty fuel ignition coil. And with one coil comes four. And with those come the new spark plugs because they were showing wear, as well. Truth be told, the cost was not as horrible as I had thought it would be, but still, who needs to give the car guys a chunk of money this time of year? Ugh.
ITEM!: Today is the third in a row where Sydney and I were stuck at home all day. Saturday was a fun pajama day; Sunday, my baby wasn't feeling her best, so we took it easy for the day; today, we were trapped at home with no car. I swear, if we don't spend most of the day outside of our house tomorrow you may hear me screaming from every corner of the world.
ITEM!: I need to start my Christmas List spreadsheet again so I can keep track of what I buy everyone for Christmas. I had one for several years, but it's been misplaced, so I need to get a new one going. Thankfully, my list isn't too extensive, so it shouldn't take me too long to get this year's done.
ITEM!: My list of EXPECTATIONs for 2014, what with the three days I have to finish it, is still being evaluated for its accomplishments and failures. As for 2015, I'm spending a good amount of mental power considering it and formulating it. I dig the EXPECTATIONs, and look forward to enacting that next year.

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