Tuesday, December 23

I love my Uggs, damn it

I just saw that "Ugg slippers" is at the top of the Yahoo! gift search trends on their home page this morning.
I'm going to tell you, beyond just the slippers, I love my Uggs. I love them, and I won't apologize for it, even though they've become something of a not-cool thing over the last several years. I got my first pair of Ugg boots early in high school, probably freshman or sophomore year. I wore them in the snow. I wore them when it was very cold in Lake Tahoe, Reno, and throughout our ski adventures in Colorado, Utah, and Canada. I loved my boots, and they kept my feet very warm.
Then, they became trendy. All the "cool" girls in school started wearing them with their leggings, and skirts, and skinny jeans and all that. (Yes, fashion has made a complete circle since I was in high school.) After they became the ultimate in cool, they, of course, became the epitome of what was not cool.
I rolled with it, because to me, in my snowy lifestyle, they were still the warmest boots out there, and I still loved them more than anything else I put on my feet. I had Ugg slippers from Australia after graduating college. My boot collection has expanded and included Ugg shoes, more slippers, outdoor slippers that made my life in Boston livable, and more than enough cold-weather boots to take care of a small city.
I sit here, typing this, in my Ugg slippers, that should probably be replaced. And even though my love for other shoes has ebbed and flowed (witness my obsession with Toms), my love for my Uggs has never faltered. Yes, I am better than all those people who loved, then hated, then loved them.
I saw a pair at Nordstrom the other day that I want for my birthday. My point is this: Sure, they're at the top of the trending list now, but where will all those bandwagon fans be in a couple years, when the fashionistas decide they're not cool anymore?

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