Friday, December 5

Girls on the phone catching up

Julia e-mailed me tonight, you guys! I'm beyond excited about this. It's been just less than two years since I last talked with her, which is a super long time. Her birthday is next week, and I had planned on calling her to wish her a happy day, but she got to me first. It was such a happy treat for me to find her e-mail, and she said that it made her happy to see how quickly I responded. So, we've got a phone date on Monday morning so we have all kinds of time to catch up, with no one else around to interrupt or listen.
I miss my friends. It makes me sad that I'm so far away from them, and I find myself daydreaming quite often about being able to see them more often. Like, wouldn't it be cool if I was able to have coffee with Julia on any day we wanted? Or crash one of Andrea and Ryan's dinners? Or go shopping with any of them? All these things would be lovely. Sure, I see most of them whenever I visit California, but whenever we get together, it's an event, or occasion. I miss getting together "just because," or "maybe some time next week." Being far away takes away the spontaneity and/or casualness of the get-together. So many times, that's the best part.
I'm really looking forward to Monday.

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