Wednesday, November 12

Pretty, certainly, but still too soon

We bought Christmas lights today.
It was for a good reason, not entirely Christmas related, but sorta.
Last year, we put multi-colored outdoor lights around the patio cover for festiveness. The lights looked so good, and gave just the right kind and amount of light, that I decided to leave them up all year. The continue to be used every night, and all is well. But over the weekend, Brian and I inspected them closer, and discovered that the colored film on the lights had both faded and even disintegrated from the bulbs. So many of the lights were almost totally just white filament.
We decided that it would be easier to just replace all the bulbs rather than replace the entire strings. But what is even cheaper is to buy entire new strings and replace the bulbs from there, rather than buy packages of replacement bulbs. So, we went to Lowe's this afternoon and found a couple strings to work with.
But since my husband is a Christmas-obsessed infant with a job, we ended up also buying some replacement strings for the tree, and having several family "discussions" about new light ideas for the front of the house. The topic was tabled for now, but I'm quite sure it'll come up again this weekend.
I hate buying too much Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving. I'm irritated that I allowed what I did. But my backyard looks so much better right now, and we all know that I'll need the extra strings for the tree anyway.
Still, ugh.

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