Sunday, November 23

Peanut butter cookies are super good

Sydney and I made peanut butter cookies yesterday. And my grand plan for losing more weight and not eating as many sweets this holiday season promptly went the way of the dodo. What's fun is that this particular peanut butter cookie recipe is from the extra-curricular cooking class from fifth grade. Or was it sixth grade? Whatever. Anyway, it's from a long time ago.
The cookies, I'm happy to say, are still as delicious today as I remembered them from all those years ago. And the recipe also makes a ridiculous amount of cookie, too, so we've got more than enough to make it through the entire holiday week and weekend.
Or do we? Because I've been eating them like no one's business. Perhaps the only thing that will slow down my consumption of the cookies is that Mom made some Chex mix and brought it with her when she arrived today. But still, the cookies are super good.
Bonus: Even Sydney has decided that she likes them. (They're not as good as Grandma's sugar cookies, but that's okay, because those are for Christmas, and they should be better.) It is her declaration that we should make these cookies every year now for Thanksgiving, though. I'm on board with that, totally, because I enjoy them immensely. Sadly. At the end of the holiday weekend, I promise to divide the cookies that are left between Mom and Brian's mom and dad. I will not have any more of them in my house.

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