Saturday, November 1

New England rocks this time of year

I do so enjoy the month of November. It's a hold-over from my time in Boston, of course, when November meant remarkable color in the trees, a definitive chill in the air, the pride of Plimouth, and anticipation for the winter.
In lieu of raking leaves today though, the family and I spent a portion of the afternoon in the garden, trimming back the tree and weeding the flower bed. There still is work to be done though, as some general maintenance needs to be done. My issue is cleaning up leaves and whatnot off my rocks in the backyard. My rake pushes and pulls too many rocks. Would a regular broom work better? I've got so much small yard debris, and no good way to collect it. A task that, hopefully, will be finished tomorrow afternoon. In a stark contrast to life in Boston, my yard debris is rose petals and citrus leaves, and it's all cluttering up a desert environment.

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