Wednesday, November 5

My Archer bubble has been burst

I love the television show Archer. It completes me, as a hysterically awesome comedy puzzle piece in my head would. Seasons ago, after I fell in love with the show, Brian told me that the guy who does the voice for Archer looks absolutely nothing like what I would think. He said the guy was kinda dumpy, and not that good looking.
This disturbed me on several levels. The first and foremost being, of course, that Archer himself is hot and fantastic, and his voice is a big part of that. So to have the person behind the voice being not as hot was ... deflating to my fantasy. And since I learned that, I have avoided all instances when I could possibly see what that guy looks like in real life. I have actively skipped over Archer news and interviews and articles and vignettes that might have his picture or likeness in them.
And then, Last Week Tonight and Brian plotted against me. Last night's Last Week Tonight featured a Home Depot "commercial" about how employees of the store keep couples from fighting in the store. I watched it, amused and ignorant, for a good minute. And then, Brian.
Granted, he was excited that he recognized the voice and probably said it before he really considered what he was saying. But once I heard his recollection and figured out what he was telling me, I was horrified. One of the men in the ad was the voice of Archer. And now I knew what he really looked like. And what I had hoped would make the segment bearable, my closing my eyes and covering them, only made the problem worse, as then all I could hear was Archer's voice talking about Home Depot stuff.
I had really hoped to live out my obsession with Archer without this knowledge.

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