Saturday, November 29

Make it better, please, this one is awful

You all know how much I love to write letters to companies when they disappoint me, right? Pottery Barn Kids has earned my ire this week. I ordered a stocking for Cooper, and the one that arrived in my house the other day is crappy. I didn't say that specifically, but I did roll with my usual wordiness to say something similar. Here's my letter; let's see what happens.
I hate to send you an e-mail laced in disappointment, but I must.
I ordered a classic quilted stocking with monogramming for Christmas this year. I already have a number of these particular stockings for my family from years past, and needed another for our newest addition. The stocking that arrived a few days ago is decidedly of lower velvet quality and insulating thickness. I can hold the newest stocking next to one of the earlier examples, and the difference in quality is tangible, and visual. The stocking itself is poorly made and I'm embarrassed to hang it next to the others.
I understand that new product manufacturers can be a constant issue with a large company like Pottery Barn Kids. But I'm surprised at your company's lack of issue with a product of such inferior quality, especially when it is supposed to be as good as a previous product. I would think that if your intention was to have one stocking be comparable to one from years ago, you'd actually hold one next to the other and make note of differences. I would hope that these differences would have been fixed.
I always had such confidence in your products. I was always comfortable paying what I pay because I always knew that their quality was worth it. Now, I question that assumption, and am hesitant to buy anything else from your store and catalog.
Add my concerns to the pile, as I'm sure I can't be the only person that's brought this to your attention.
Have a lovely holiday season,
Kimmie G.

There's no reason to not end it with a nice sentiment.

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