Tuesday, November 4

I just want a better education for my kid

As much as I love the democratic voting process, and the feeling of pride I get from taking part, this government is the most frustrating thing. I'm frustrated and irritated, and I haven't even gotten the results from the one thing I want the most: the school override initiative.
Of course, my daughter would rather all the things I care about on the ballot lose, because she enjoys having a half-day on Wednesdays, and would like for every day to be shortened. I couldn't imagine anything more disappointing than having her be overjoyed about her education being compromised because some people think that "securing our border" is more important than her livelihood. How about we have some funds go to the betterment of actual citizens of the country, instead of having them occupied with keeping other people out?
I don't care about people wanting to enter the United States. We've got plenty of room. I want a better education for the kids who are already here. Sydney has a one-track mind, and I am horrified at the thought of her telling me, "I told you so" about the school budgets.
At the end of the day, I can't imagine any of the new Republicans being too much worse than the old Republicans. I do imagine that Arizona will continue to be the butt of jokes on The Daily Show. I imagine that I will cringe and look away every time I see our new governor on TV. I imagine that I need a job so I can send my kid to private school again.

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