Friday, November 7

I finally claim the Keurig

In an interesting turn of events, the Keurig machine downstairs has actually started to benefit me and my hot-beverage needs. When we first plugged the machine in, it tasted strongly of plastic. We removed the filter, and, if you can believe it, the results tasted less plastic-y. But still, when I brewed my Tazo zen tea, it tasted weird. Brian said his coffee was fine, but still, my tea wasn't. I concluded that the tea was just too delicate for the machine and its residual flavor, and therein washed my hands of it. That was about 10 months ago.
Just the other day, I was thirsty for some tea, and for whatever reason, didn't want to brew a cup in the microwave with a tea bag. I decided to roll the dice and try the Keurig with my zen tea brewing cup again. Much to my happiness, the tea came out perfect! It tasted just fine, and I think I have the last 10 months of Brian using the machine to thank for it. He obviously burned the bad plasticness out of the machine, and now it's finally suited for my particular tastes.
I've now brewed four cups of tea with my Keurig, including tonight's just-finished mug, and I'm beyond pleased. I need to find some regular black tea brewing cups for my mommy when she comes to visit, and we can enjoy our tea together. Suddenly, the Keurig is super awesome. As of three days ago, I'm finally a fan.

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