Monday, November 24

Games are fun, and dogs are awesome

ITEM!: I messed up and noted the wrong day on my calendar for the Thanksgiving family barbecue at Sydney's school today. I thought it was Wednesday. So, tears greeted me at the gate when I picked her up. This is my fault, certainly, but I also zipped an e-mail to the PTO newsletter asking them to include other pertinent reminders, rather than just bombarding us with an inbox full-up of requests for our time, money and bodies.
ITEM!: Mom and Clyde are here for the holiday week, and I have to say, having three dogs in the house is pretty entertaining. Cooper is beside himself with happiness in playing with Clyde, and Oliver is so relaxed because he's not being bothered by the puppy. Clyde is having fun too, I think. They're all doing so well together, and it's all one big happy family. It's super cozy with three dogs on the bed.
ITEM!: We can't find the frickin' Cootie game anywhere. We stopped at Target and Toys 'R Us, and both were lacking the game. Tomorrow, we shall venture into that ickiest of places, Wal-Mart, to check for it there. Mom and I are on a mission: We will have that game to play on Thursday.
ITEM!: And speaking of games, I do have Stop Thief, the board game. This game is one of my favorites ever, and I managed to find it in Mom's storage unit and brought it home. The controller doesn't work, though. I don't accept that. So, on to eBay I went, and I found a working controller, and I bought it, and I just checked the shipping tracker, and it's now in my mailbox. A second game to play on Thanksgiving! I can't wait to hear this game's cheesy little footsteps again.

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