Monday, November 17

Ew! You've got COOTIES!!

You want to know something sad? In a world of super-sensitive children and super-aware schools, children are missing out on some of the random fun of being a kid.
As an example, Brian and I had to explain to our kid what a COOTIE is yesterday. She'd never heard the word before, and was pretty fascinated as to why we thought it was such a funny thing. And then, that kids used to pick on other kids -- goodnaturedly, of course -- about them having cooties, and being afraid to be touched by them. Brian and I thought it was terribly funny. We played around with the topic of cooties for the entire rest of the day and night.
But then, I had to make the clarification: "I know that we laughed about it here just now, but we don't know how upset any of the kids at school might get if you say anything to them about having cooties, so let's just make that a word for home, okay?"
Ugh. I'm bugged by having to tell her that. Some kids are way too sensitive. Honestly, are any of us really, seriously, scarred for being told that we had cooties?
And then I remembered the game, Cootie. I need to pick that little gem up at Target this weekend so we can play it next week over the holiday.

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