Thursday, November 20

Dear Santa, I need GOOD ideas

I feel like life is coming together now, since I spent some time composing my first of many lists this afternoon. I've got some ideas for my people, and even managed to come up with some thoughts and suggestions for myself.
My concern is my kid. She doesn't have any specific ideas on what she wants for Christmas. I mean, I've got one or two ideas for her, but nothing so far as an awesome list of anything. This leads me to something that is always nerve-wracking for me: Being creative. This wasn't always a problem. When she was little, any number of things were amazing and wonderful.
Lately though, when left to my own devices, I've been disappointing her. In a confidence-breaking twist of a situation, I had an idea for her birthday, and it left her in tears of disappointment. It seems like every time I'm on my own, she ends up irritated at me for being a poor gift-giver. It's not helpful that she feels like she has everything dinosaur that she needs, and has little to no other interests.
Well, I've put the thought in her head to start thinking about Christmas ideas, so I guess I'll have to wait and see what she writes to Santa about.

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