Friday, November 14

But I like raw cookie dough

Okay, so I'm dancing around on Yahoo! tonight, and came across a couple disturbing articles.
First, a mom who died from eating raw cookie dough. According to the article, she contracted E.coli after a single spoonful of contaminated raw cookie dough. Her kidneys failed, and then systematically, the rest of her organs failed over the course of a couple years. The woman's son is now campaigning for better regulations. Is it totally wrong that I may have to take up signage and picket Washington, D.C. if they make it illegal to sell and eat raw cookie dough? That stuff is super good to snack on. Brian always wants to pick up one of those buckets of cookie dough at Costco because it'll be better to have a lot more for when I make cookies. I always refuse because I know that I'll be sneaking downstairs a couple times a night, every night, to take a spoonful or two for instant gratification.
Second, a woman may have contracted HIV from a manicure. Should YOU be worried? Um, I'm not. The woman, who lives in Brazil, didn't contract the disease from a typical way, so doctors were at a loss. Their investigation led back to the woman's cousin, who was a manicurist and also diagnosed with HIV. Disinfecting standards, obviously, are not universal, and they believe that the manicurist tools were infected by one or more of the woman's clients. But no, I am not worried about getting a manicure.
It seems like tonight's Yahoo! is all about trying to scare me from awesome things. I will not let the terrorists win!

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