Monday, November 3

A housewifery post about being a housewife

ITEM!: You know what I enjoy? My house with no holiday decorations. It's so clean looking, and uncluttered, and ... normal. So my initial plan to put up all the Thanksgiving decorations tomorrow may well be put off until later this week. I think Thursday will be better. I've got other stuff I want to do the next couple days, and I'd rather enjoy the un-cluttery-ness of my home for a bit.
ITEM!: As if you aren't done hearing about my powder room, I'll update you. Most everything is bought and placed, and all that's left is a trip to Home Goods, where I anticipate finding a set of seashells for the windowsill, and a something something for the counter next to the tissue box. Once those things are taken care of, the powder room will finally be done, and I'll stop talking about it.
ITEM!: I'm also on the hunt for a new curio cabinet.
ITEM!: Hey. You know what I just realized? My life is kinda boring today. I need to get going on the thing I'm working on so I can have something awesome to do. Blah, blah, blah.
ITEM!: Tomorrow I need to hit the trail.

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