Tuesday, October 7

Paper stacks and bookmarks = culinary dreams

Explain to me why, exactly, I seem to be collecting recipes that I find online, and saving them to a bookmarks folder. I appreciate the implication here. It says that one day I will start baking and/or cooking; i.e., using the recipes for their intended purpose.
What awesome recipes have I already collected, you might ask? Chocolate souffle, apple butter, tie dye cake, and an apple crumb dump cake, which sounded totally delicious. All of them, of course, claim to be easy recipes, which is a hook for me in any cuisine.
In addition to this fabulous online bookmark folder, I also have a growing pile of random recipes downstairs on my dusty cookbooks. This pile grows every month, as I tend to rip them out of my InStyle and Real Simple. I flirt with the idea of subscribing to Martha Stewart Living, too, so I could mine those pages for yummy things.
I enjoy so much that I have the ambition to do this, but never seem to actually get it done. What with our financial situation lately, I will contend that I can't really afford all the randoms that I'll need for the experimenting. I guess, for the time being, I should just be happy with myself for figuring out the proper way to hardboil eggs. I'll keep collecting those recipes though, because I never know when I might actually use them.

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