Monday, October 20

I've already turned off a lot of "options"

ITEM!: Here's your Apple mind-melting issue for the day: I decided to update my iOS this morning, and in so doing, ended up having the phone crash, having to restore it to factory, having to put all the music back on it, and finally, having to get over the disappointment of losing "Inconceivable!" as my text alert. But more surprisingly, the phone also woke up from its forced slumber and reboot with the new iOS. How does a phone crash installing the damn thing, and then wake up with it on board? Random Apple-ness, we will call it.
ITEM!: I've decided though, in my investigation of my iOS 8, that the new Health app will be my new best healthy friend. I need to spend some time inputting my own information into the app tomorrow, so it can start helping me and kicking my ass for not being healthy enough. I fear telling anything, even my most trusted iPhone, what my weight and body mass index is.
ITEM!: While in California last week, Mom and I finally picked up all the accessories for my powder room downstairs. Rather than the Zen theme I was wanting weeks ago, I decided to roll Hawaiian. I've liberated a Hawaiian picture and a glass sea turtle from Mom's house to add awesomeness to the bathroom, as well. I will need to motivate my creativity for the turtle though, since the original idea I had for it won't work well. I had thought to hang the turtle over the window, but with the hook placements, it needs a different hanging situation.
ITEM!: Brian's pizza rolls for lunch were delicious. I suspect he's finishing them now though, so I'll have to come up with something as awesome for tomorrow.

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