Tuesday, October 28

It's beautiful, but, too soon

Every year, it's a treat to find out from when and where my first dose of Christmas will find me. Weirdly, the first dose came from Brian, who has, inexplicably, started to listen to Christmas carols while he's in the shower over the last couple weeks. I contend that his new choice in music doesn't count, because I'm pretty sure he's doing it to drive me crazy.
But I did have a double dose that I will count today: the first being a Christmas catalog from Pottery Barn, and secondly, a Christmas commercial from, if you can believe it, Petco. The Pottery Barn catalog was welcome, actually, since I'm always looking for cool stuff for the holidays. And because I could pick it up, accept it for what it is, and then set it down until I was ready for it. The television commercial ... not so much. It offended me a little. I will grant that at least it didn't have any carols playing through it. But really. It's still October before Halloween. It's still 90 degrees in the afternoon. I still had to change my clothes twice because of summer sweat. This is not the time to feature snow swirls and flakes hither and yon on my television set.
I've accepted a lot over the last few years in regards to Christmas encroaching on the other holidays. But snowy imagery in October bugs me. Honestly, is it so difficult to wait until November?

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