Wednesday, October 22

I actually am laughing at the end of this

In the continuing saga of the job hunt, I share this. I spoke with Patricia this morning, and it was ... underwhelming. The company she works for is on a huge hiring push, so they're basically turning their hiring process into a cattle call. I have an interview scheduled for tomorrow morning, where I'll meet with a guy to discuss my resume and qualifications, and see where I may fit best within the company. ...
Okay. So, wait. You mean to tell me that you don't have an actual job position for me, and that I'm coming in for a meet-and-greet? My resume didn't catch anyone's specific attention, but instead just tripped a couple keywords on your hiring computer algorithm? ... Well, that's super deflating. I'm unimpressed already.
Sure, it could actually turn into something, but the odds of that, in my head right now, are super low. I hope they surprise me tomorrow. I guess everyone needs a social media presence, or even corporate communications. I'm up for the adventure, but my hopes certainly aren't.

UPDATE: My printer isn't printing my resume, which is the only thing I need to bring with me tomorrow. Looks like I'm making an early-morning stop at Target.

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