Saturday, October 4

An early-October ITEM! list

ITEM!: My ankle is still swollen from rolling it on the trail a couple weeks ago. I feel like I must be doing something wrong with it, which is why it continues to plague me. Even if I didn't keep it elevated directly after the incident, it should be in better shape today. Instead, the ankle feels as bad, if not stiffer, than the day it was injured. Going up and down the stairs in the house can't be helping, but how do I not do that. Still, it should feel better. It's been two weeks. Am I suddenly too old to heal?
ITEM!: I've been taking my time about getting the new powder room accessories and towels, but it really needs to be remedied. I refuse to have the family seeing the bathroom in this state, so it must be corrected before all my company comes and goes over the next few months. Mom and I decided to roll with the navy blue and light blue for the rugs and towels. And the bamboo for the trash, tissues and trays. It just needs to be purchased. Also, some kind of window covering, because Brian's paranoia about the neighbors being able to see into the bathroom has affected me, and now I leave the lights off when I pee in there at night.
ITEM!: Today marks the first Fat Tire Festival I've been to in four years in which I haven't had a single bit of Fat Tire beer. My priorities were elsewhere, as I had to drive the kiddo to a birthday party, and back again, and be the good mom. So, for that, no beer. Also, no concerts. No shows. No socializing. No sunburn. (That last one is kind of okay that I missed.) Next year, I intend to enjoy the Tour de Fat, and ride in the bike parade properly ... which is to say, with beer.
ITEM!: I am thoroughly enjoying opening my windows at night, and having cool air filter through them while the house sleeps. It's still cool in the mornings, and lately, the air conditioner hasn't been flipping on until noon or so. This is good news for my psyche, but also incredibly good news for my power bill. I love fresh air in my house.
ITEM!: I've figured out Sydney's birthday festivities for the end of the month. A small family excursion, a treat for school, a larger family celebration, and in the midst of that, Halloween and the candy, of course. It's just a matter of scheduling it and inviting all the right people.

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