Wednesday, October 8

A gentle nudge to f*ckin' call me

I just sent an e-mail follow up to the pre-interview phone interview I had last week. She said that I would probably get a call early this week, and I was really hoping for my phone to ring on Monday or Tuesday. But here it is, Wednesday night, and I'm still without a message or scheduled interview. And now I'm all out of time for a while, too, since I've got some traveling ahead of me for a couple weeks. I am, to say the least, disappointed in this development.
Question: How the frickety frick am I ever going to get a job when the jobs I'm qualified for won't hire me because I haven't worked in so long, and the jobs that I'm over-qualified for won't hire me because I'm too experienced? Honestly. What the fuck is up with that?
Maybe the e-mail I just sent will net some positive results, like that they had to put interviews on hold until a couple weeks from now; or that they are still going over their resume pile but I'm still atop it; or that they were just drawing up an offer for me because they know they would be stupid to not hire me. I guess I'll find out tomorrow or Friday, I hope. I hate being on pins and needles in regards to a phone call, but there it is.
I could really use some good news, you know?

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