Tuesday, May 6

"Today, I'm analyzing some dust. ... It's dusty."

In chronicling another of my random fascinations, I present to you a selfie of the Mars Rover. This little dude is amazing, and I follow his Martian exploits on Twitter and Instagram.
Also, in a tweak that's a ton more fun, I follow a satire Twitter account of the Rover, called Sarcastic Rover. He is, of course, sarcastic, but also surprisingly philosophical, unabashedly self-centered, and amusingly melancholy about his lonely life on Mars.
A couple examples:
"Mars: The planet where no one gets to take a shower because there's no water and also it boils your skin plus you suffocated to death."
"Hating people because of their skin color is stupid. You should only hate people for good reasons, like if they sent you to Mars."
"The big question on Mars is always 'Why is that thing like that?' So then I do a science, and I'm all, 'Because reasons?'"
"Okay, I've looked around and that plane is definitely NOT in this crater. Sorry."
I really only told you about all this so I could post that photo up there, which amuses me to no end.

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