Thursday, May 1

This is unacceptable, as flip flops go

Okay, wait. So the nifty Sanuk flip flops I bought this year may be giving me athlete's foot? I mean, I totally noticed that the yoga mat bottoms were making my feet sweat more. And I noticed that my feet were sweating enough to make me notice them sweating. And now, there's a little sore underneath my baby toe on my left foot.

Me: "So, I've got the most bizarre wound."
Brian: "Yeah?"
Me, taking off my sock and bandage to show him: "Check it out. It's like a little wound here under my toe."
Brian: "Athlete's foot."
Me: "No way. It's something else."
Brian: "Athlete's foot."
Me: "Can I fix it with Neosporin?"
Brian: "No. Go get something for it."
Me: "Really? Not Neosporin?"
Brian: "No. Go get something for it."
Me: "Thanks, Doc. You're super helpful."

I didn't really expect him to go out immediately and get me some athlete's foot spray or anything, but a surprise like that would have been awesome.
But here's my concern, for reals: Those flip flops are super comfortable. I am not at all interested in ditching them, and having to get new Reefs, after having bought the Sanuks a matter of months ago. I'm at a crossroads, as only I can be. Comfort and cute versus sweaty and perhaps fungal.

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