Wednesday, May 7

They should be all mine

Ever since I had my baby girl, I've fought valiantly and relentlessly against my Only Child Syndrome. Every day is a struggle to share cool stuff, or to think first about someone else, or to want more for someone other than myself. With no siblings, I never really had to share much of anything, so preferred to not share when I can avoid it. But with a kid, well, all that cool selfish business sits in the backseat. I am more mom than only child now.
But sometimes, my goodness, I let that Only Child just roll. And tonight, my complete lack of desire to share anything is out of control.
There are some Rice Krispies treats in my fridge right now, and they are delicious. And since I'm a mom and a wife and all that, I have to share my stuff. Brian and Sydney have powered through half the tray already, and I've only been able to have one. And I made them.
I will WHINE about this. And I'm half considering making a second tray and hiding them somewhere in the refrigerator that no one will look, like in the vegetable drawer. And with that action, the Only Child will win.

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