Thursday, May 1

Snit happens, and it's DirecTV's fault

I think very few things frustrate me more than television technology that does not work as it should. I sit here tonight, watching Elementary live, with commercials and everything, like an animal. I'm simply not cut out to watch television like this anymore.
The issue is that my DVR receiver upstairs is not connecting to the DVR recorder downstairs. I've restarted and reset the damn thing multiple times, but it won't come back online.
And I know The Vampire Diaries is just sitting down there right now, all interesting and awesome, currently accessible only to the one person in the house who doesn't care about it at all. And he's actually awake, so I can't even go down there and hijack the TV for the 45 minutes it'll take me to watch it. Ugh, and Grr. I had to wait until this morning to watch last night's Arrow downstairs for the same reason.
I will not live like this, people. Shit's gotta get fixed or I'm gonna cut someone.

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