Thursday, May 8

Maybe a cupcake will make it go away

ITEM!: I'm having throat pain and icky issues tonight. This is annoying. I was suddenly afflicted this afternoon, about 1 p.m., with phlegmy grossness. And right now, I'm coughing more than I'd like, and I have a constant ball of nothing good sitting inside the base of my throat making me feel bad. This had better be a random thing that won't progress, is all I can say.
ITEM!: I ate TWO Rice Krispies treats today, and I did not feel guilty about it. Especially when I reminded myself that I made them, and that Mother's Day is this weekend.
ITEM!: I love watching the NFL Draft. It's a most ridiculous time suck. The segmented time chunks that roll from team to team, with nothing but speculation and analysis throughout, are fascinating. There's nothing like listening to people talk passionately about something that they know a whole lot about, and seeing how the whole machine works. And I'm all, "Yeah, but I need someone to catch a ball." And they're like, "... statistics, statistics, analysis, analysis, conclusions, conjecture ...." They understand the guts, and I'm all, "We just need to win, you know?"
ITEM!: There is no greater pain than crushing your little toe -- unprotected in flip flops, no less -- into the turning wheel of a shopping cart. My agony was realized this morning as I wandered through Safeway, and it has lingered all day. No kidding, the toe is red, and I swear the toenail is going to fall off in the night. I shall help the little toe's recovery though, with a pedicure tomorrow morning.
ITEM!: It bugs me when women I love refer to pedicures as "pampering." Such things are a necessary maintenance, and are required, especially during the summer. It's like going to the grocery store, or getting gas for the car. Get your pedicures, ladies.

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