Monday, May 19

Is this really the beginning of my summer?

ITEM!: It's time to turn the To-Be-Read Pile into Summer Reading List 2014.
ITEM!: I had nothing to watch on television tonight once I got upstairs, so I ended up sitting through the last half of Casual Sex?, and then I got all concerned because I remembered how crazy Victoria Jackson has gotten and how she is insane on Twitter. I don't follow her, because I can't handle that level of crazy, but the movie reminded me that she's alive, and that she's crazy.
ITEM!: Today was Sydney's last Monday at school, and I realized that this also means that it's my last Monday with Sydney at school. All I can say right now is, thank goodness for summer camp. I think, if it was just her and I all summer, we'd go nuts and not be able to spend that much time together. But I decided to kind of celebrate this week as my last week of school too. But my obligations cut into my celebratory spirit. Sydney has a thing at school tomorrow morning = no movie. Brian is home from work on Wednesday = no alone time. We leave for California this weekend so I have to do laundry and pack on Thursday = no movie. Sydney has a half day on Friday = even less alone time. Friday will be here before I know it = time flies when you've got other people's stuff to occupy your time.
ITEM!: I picked up some kind of skin irritation yesterday. I think it may be a combination of the sun on my skin, and the dryness because of that. But it's a red patch of bumps that itches like the dickens, and while lotion seems to be working, it actually traveled down my arm, from my the back of my upper arm to my elbow last night. It is bugging me right now, so I'm off to get Sydney's skin ointment stuff, to see if that'll help better.

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