Tuesday, May 20

I didn't vote at all, or care; he still won

I did something tonight that I hadn't done in a long while: I had interest in en episode of Dancing with the Stars. Of course, you'll remember that I used to blog about the show quite a bit. I cared too much about certain professionals; I had too many opinions about the "stars" on the show; and I put too much emotional investment in the results. You'll remember also that I pitched a fit when my fave pro, Maks, and his partner that season, Mel B, were completely and utterly robbed of their trophy all those years ago by Julianne Hough and Helio Castraneves.
Anyway, this season, Maks was partnered with a real dancer, Meryl Davis of Olympic fame. I paid very peripheral attention to the competition, nt even reading anything beyond a headline or a tweet. But as the finals arrived this week, and the final three couples were about to be situated into a winner and losers, I decided to have an interest. Maks may actually win the DWTS trophy for the first time ever.
I set the DVR. I went to watch the show later, only to discover that the only program I recorded was a "Road to the Finals" retrospective on the three couples competing for the trophy. The actual announcement of the winner was during the next hour of coverage. And I had missed that entirely.
So, to the web and Twitter I went. There, I happily discovered that Maks and Meryl had indeed won the trophy. I'm looking forward to watching the episode online tomorrow, so I can actually see the winning announcement. I feel like now I can say congratulations to Maks, who finally won a well-deserved championship, and then forget about the show entirely.

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