Thursday, May 15

Dear "Diaries," what the hell?

I must be feeling better: I didn't have to take a nap today, and I got frustrated with the state of my home. So, I finally got a whole bunch of laundry done, got my kitchen kinda cleaned up, and did a few of my random errands. I really, really need a trip to the grocery store though. We're all out of a lot of stuff.
Of all the season finales, The Vampire Diaries' episode has put me in a snit more than any other. That show is so frickin' good, you guys. You have no idea. I can not wait until the new season begins. So many cool things will be happening. I'm sitting here right now rehashing the finale over and over in my head, trying to figure out the loopholes, hints and corners through and around which characters will be able to cheat their circumstances. Leave it to TVD to make me wish away my summer already.

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