Sunday, May 25

Beach days are the best

I think I may have miscalculated my personal sunshine repellent factor today, and messed up by not applying any sunscreen. (No "I told you so," please, Andy!) My arms are feeling warm, and my neck and face are a bit red. It's not enough sun to call this all a sunburn, but it's definitely enough feelings to know that the UV rays were there today.
We went to an awesome little beach this afternoon, where we could sit in the sunshine and enjoy each other's company, as well as watch the girls play in the surf. And then, we wandered through the tide pools, checking out all the anemones, crabs, snails and mussels. I've never been to this particular beach, and we had a lovely time. It was a pretty fantastic reminder of how cool it is to live/hang out in California.

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