Friday, May 23

And then, we surprised Mom

Weather for my drive from the desert to the coast: one dust storm, two rain storms, windy conditions preceding and after each, warm sunshine, and fog upon arrival.
My daughter announced that she doesn't like McDonald's. I'm all, "GOOD!! I don't want you to like McDonald's!!"
Apparently, it's time for some new tires. The guys at the tire place told me I should probably get all four of them replaced, and that it probably should be done before I make any road trips out to California. I told him that getting tires today probably wouldn't happen; and that waiting until a later day for my road trip just wasn't a consideration. So, I made my entire drive today all stressed out about a blowout, or about sliding across the pavement in the rain. Obviously, we made it here fine, but the tire thing should probably be addressed soon.
Brian and I had a conversation about how much it would cost to drive out to California. I made three stops: $45 first, $28 second, and $24 last. My math is rusty, to say the least, so let's calculator this ... $97. About what I figured, and less than what Brian supposed, so I win.

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