Thursday, January 9

Write it, send it; letters can be effective

AT&T sent me an e-mail link to a survey in regards to their service in my area. Their service, in a word, sucks. It sucks right out loud. I can't walk through my house without losing a call. In fact, I can be sitting in my living room, with the phone sitting right next to me, and have an indicator tone tell me that I have a voice mail from someone who was just then trying to call me. To clarify: the phone what won't ring because of the poor service, will take a message and buzz me about it from the exact same place.
Anyway, AT&T asked; I answered. Unfortunately, I did not have the foresight to copy my NOTE to them about it, so I can't share it with you. But I did make myself sound snippy and hoity. Like, "How can this affluent area of Scottsdale have such poor cell service?" And "How can you be happy with there being a known understanding of dropped calls in the area?" And my favorite sign-off line as of right now, "Fix it."
And to prove my conviction, I even included my cell number in case they had any questions about my responses. Here's hoping that they actually do call me, and then they actually do install another cell tower in the area. I feel the beginnings of a one-woman crusade: WRITE A LETTER, PEOPLE. A proud and bitchy tradition I uphold.

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