Saturday, January 25

When is old enough for Harry Potter?

"Frustration," thy definition is the anti-reading child of a book lover.
Today's visit to Barnes & Noble was among the most frustrating of my life. First of all, I wasn't permitted to look at anything for myself. Secondly, my child was all, "I don't really want to read that" to about 15 different book series.
She doesn't like mysteries.
She doesn't like fairies.
She doesn't like silly.
She won't read anymore Magic Tree House.
So, that dismisses any of the amazing array of detective books. The fairies, and to some extent, princesses, were pushed to the side. Captain Underpants and such also were denied. Magic Tree House, the most plentiful of early-reading books, are no longer an option.
This does not leave much for the discerning second-grade reader who would rather play video games and dig for dinosaurs. We did manage to land a few books that made the cut, though.
Pet Hotel ~ A series about different pets brought into a pet hotel and their trials and tribulations.
The Rescue Princesses ~ A series about princesses from around the world who use their smarts, savvy and compassion to save animals in various perilous situations.
The Pet Hotel stuff is too easy, she's already decided. But she'll read them anyway. The Rescue Princesses is a better fit, I think, though she hasn't started on them yet. Of that series, there are nine different books, and we picked up two today.
There were a few series that I wouldn't mind reading. The Never Girls looked super fun; too bad I couldn't get her to be even a little interested. Also, Ivy & Bean, The Notebook of Doom, and the Emily Windsnap books. Kids' books rock.

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