Sunday, January 12

Dog kissing? Really? That's the topic?

I just saw a headline on Yahoo! that asked whether it was really safe or not to kiss your dog. And while I always enjoy kissing my dogs, I am not at all interested in finding out if it's unhealthy or not. If it's bad for me, then I'll just risk it, all the time and every day.
My kids have all rocked the kisses, and I'm not about to stop kissing them now, based on a random article. In my experience, kisses have never resulted in an illness from my dogs.
Daisy was a fantastic kisser. Oliver is a very selfish kisser, in that I only get kisses in the morning when he wants me to get out of bed. A kiss from him any other time of the day is frosting. I remember that Ginger was a sloppy kisser, and Sheila was a dry kisser.
So, to reassure myself, I will not read that article, because to me, dog kisses are the solutions to every problem.

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