Tuesday, January 21

Today's entertainment news:

Hart of Dixie and Beauty and the Beast ~ I've removed these two shows from my DVR schedule. I'm all done with the ridiculousness of the storylines, and the characters. The last two episodes on the DVR were erased without being watched, and this afternoon, I made the executive decision to delete the schedule from the DVR.
Saving Mr. Banks ~ This movie was better than I thought it would be, and I'm super happy with that realization. Of course, because I am, at my core, a Disney child, I cried at a couple places. The story was off-kilter from what I've heard actually happened, but this was a charming compilation of attitude and perseverance and stubbornness from Walt Disney and P.L. Travers.
Katy Perry ~ Perry's new tour will be visiting Phoenix in September this year. I really want to go, and for the first time, I'm thinking about bringing along my kid. Sydney loves the new Katy Perry CD, and I think she would love seeing her sing in person. However, she is seven years old, and doesn't like loud noises. So, this could possibly be an expensive experiment. Also, I can't go without her, because she'd be mad.
Archer ~ I'm not loving the new direction of the show, to be honest. I thoroughly enjoyed the show when it was all about them spying on things, and being cool and secretive, and being awesome. A shift towards drug trafficking is somewhat ... off putting. Still, I giggled through tonight's episode, because it is still Archer. I love him.

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