Saturday, January 18

Today, I am 41. Do my bidding ... please?

All I really wanted was for someone to go for a little hike with me today. But they both refused, so instead I was kinda bored, and kinda irritated, and kinda like, "what the fuck people it's my birthday go for a fuckin' walk with me." So Sydney played upstairs with the computer, and Brian asked me what else I wanted to do today.
I think I'm more irritated at myself though because I didn't have any grand plans for my birthday day. Of course, at 5 or 6 tonight, I thought about the miniature golf place, or the go-kart racers. Those would have been a good time. And would have been something that everyone would have enjoyed.
Really, it was a good birthday. There were a whole bunch of posts on my Facebook page, and that's always nice. I had a ton of texts as well, so that's a good thing. I didn't feel unloved, by any stretch of the imagination, but would a hike for an hour or so have been so bad? Brats.

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Andrea said...

This is why you need a Yes day!